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Our Mission

My name is Roberto Clayton, I am the owner of Claytech LLC. As a technology company, I will cover all kinds. The most common issues faced by users these days are security, damaged devices, and why the Wi-Fi is turning on and off. Don't worry, I'm here to help, my team is a diverse mix of individuals with expertise in technology, logistics, and customer service. This gives us the opportunity to have answers to almost any question. Thank you for choosing Claytech LLC for all of your technical needs!

Youth Initiative

Youth initiative

Claytech LLC is dedicated to assisting our students in achieving their goals in life. Youth aged 5 to 17 will study tech and life skills. We currently have five areas that we can cover to help students progress in life and be ahead of the competition! We hope you find it as enlightening as we do. Today's society is getting more and more connected than ever before. It is critical that we adapt and make room for our youth's future.


Our Goal

Our goal is to give back to society as much as possible in order to teach our youth that while not everyone can become a professional athlete or entertainer, they can become a technical advisor to athletes or entertainers. In the next ten years, technology will create some of the highest-paying jobs! Please consider our children's future.

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